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Investment Property FAQ

Q. What are my options for buying an investment property?
It is generally excepted that the average investor feels more confident with real estate as a place to secure their future, believing that over all it will outperform cash and fixed interest deposits, particularly for the medium to long term. Many Australians prefer to invest in residential property, as it’s a tangible, “bricks and mortar” asset.

Q. What Are The Rules For Overseas Buyers?
The Australian Government’s foreign investment policy has been developed to encourage investment in Australia and ensure that such investment is consistent with the needs of the Australian community. The Government recognises the important contribution offshore investment makes to the development of Australia’s industry, resources and community.

Q. Should We Consult A Solicitor?
The buying and selling of your home may be one of the most important transactions in your life. Factors other than the price of the property need to be considered. To ensure that no unexpected costs arise or problems appear in the transaction, it is best to seek the advice of your solicitor before any contract is signed.